Inside Textiles is delighted to welcome several new advertisers to our family of news websites for 2017. A big thank you goes to Lectra, Steiger, S.I.T.M, Vahdet Tekstil Makina, ISPO and Techtextil.

We would also like to take this opportunity to thank our regular advertisers for their continued support. You will see their banners on our news sites or you can view a list on the Clients page of this site.

All Inside Textiles news websites are all ‘free access’ for readers – in other words readers don’t pay a subscription and they don’t have to be a member to read our content – they simply go to any of the sites and feely read and share with colleagues.

We depend on our advertisers and we really appreciate their support. Since we started in 2008 our range of advertisers has grown steadily as has our global reach and thankfully most advertisers stay with us once they advertise with us.

To find out how you can advertise alongside the textiles industry’s leading companies, please visit the Brands pages of this site or visit our news sites via the links below.

Billy Hunter