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Knitting Industry was the first of our sites, launched in 2008, when we saw that there was an opportunity to create something different and exciting in the textiles publishing arena, using digital media to communicate in an industry where traditionally printed trade magazines had been the source of industry news for many years.  It delivers unique content, comment and features on new products, processes and technologies for the knitting and hosiery industries.

In the last 9 years we have seen our readership and advertisers grow steadily as they realise the value of up to date daily information in an easily accessible format, for mobile, tablets or desktops.

Our growing community of industry professionals and suppliers have been making the switch from a traditional monthly industry news model, to a dynamic, searchable, rich resource of cutting edge content. And once they make the switch, they are not going back.

Digital communication has revolutionized how the industry promotes itself and Knitting Industry has been a pioneer in driving this change.

Our membership

Readers can access all of our current and archived content on a free of charge basis and can opt to receive our weekly e-newsletter. Members, additionally, have the option of receiving customised daily news alerts. Our readers range from those at the cutting edge of R & D, to those involved in every stage of the supply chain across this wide range of technologies and markets, including buyers and specifiers of raw materials, machinery or finished goods.

Within the last 12 months we’ve seen

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By partnering with us you can reach today’s leading influencers and decision makers in the Knitting industry. Please download our media pack to get more information about our readership and find out how you can partner with us to reach our Knitting Industry audience.

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