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Innovation in Textiles was launched in 2009, one year after the launch of Knitting Industry. Based on the success of our first publication, we realized there was a need for a publication dedicated to the many new technologies that were being introduced into the traditional world of textiles and had the potential to completely revolutionize the entire industry.

Our intuition proved right and readership has grown rapidly for this particular site. We continue to follow the many innovations in technical textiles as they develop from early stage technologies to commercial realities.

As a result, we have developed a site which has fresh, rich content added every day, a comprehensive resource of articles, opinion and reports on all aspects of the industry, formatted for desktop, tablet or smartphone. Our site is a trusted source of information for readers, as well as a robust platform for our industry partners to promote themselves to new and existing markets and audiences.

The dynamic nature of our content gives us high visibility in the industry and on search engines, and our extensive social media network enables our users to engage and connect with each other. We categorise our content according to both technology and industry sector, making it easier to find content relative to a reader’s specific interests.

We provide everything needed to enable industry professionals to keep ahead of trends, access up to date information and research their own areas of interest.

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Readers can access all of our current and archived content on a free of charge basis and can opt to receive our weekly e-newsletter. Members, additionally, have the option of receiving customised daily news alerts. Our readers range from those at the cutting edge of R & D, to those involved in every stage of the supply chain across this wide range of technologies and markets, including buyers and specifiers of raw materials, machinery or finished goods.

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By partnering with us you can reach today’s leading influencers and decision makers in the technical textiles industry. Please download our media pack to get more information about our readership and find out how you canpartner with us to reach our technical textiles audience.

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