Leading Italian hosiery and socks machine builder Lonati launched a new machine for the booming shoe upper sector at ITMA Asia + CITME, the leading textile machinery show, held in Shanghai, China last week.

Lonati launched its GOSHOES machine series ‘under the radar’ earlier this year but this was the first time the machine had gone on show at an exhibition. In Shanghai, the Brescia based manufacturing giant, demonstrated its DC88-XS its new 2 feed machine in 4-inch diameter, 144 needles, knitting shoe uppers.

The DC88-XS is a double cylinder 2 feed machine for the production of shoe uppers in ribs, plain knit, links and links jacquard – with needle by needle single-magnet selection for different rib, links patterns and links jacquard. Shadow stripe and open-work knitting is optional. The machine has a brushless motor incorporated in the column with variable heel and toe reciprocating motion with 2 selection points instead of pickers and needle droppers.

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